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Has Your Email Revenue Plateaued?

Maybe your sales are doing fine. 

But if all your sales come from cold traffic, and you are not getting enough repeat customers, I just want to tell you that there is gold right there, to be mined.

You spent so much money acquiring the customer with your Facebook ads, you’re not going to let him sit on your list and watch Netflix, are you?

(Or her or it, if it is a goldfish…)

You’re probably making good money so it can’t be that urgent, can it?

Probably not.

The only problem is, there is a possibility that might forget you…

You see, after some time of watching Netflix, their memory starts to fade…

They can’t quite relate to your emails…

And slowly, you become a distant memory.

The worst part is, their pain might not have been fully resolved.

What would you do if your pain is not resolved?

You look for solutions elsewhere...

Say you have a backache and you went to this chiropractor.

He did some magic and your back seems better.

Somehow, your back pain is back, and you keep seeing this new chiropractor who is offering you some pretty good deals.

Would you give this new chiropractor a chance especially if he is offering a good deal?


How would you feel when your customer leaves you for your competitors?

Especially when you know very well, you could have helped her.

If it were me, I would feel that I have let her down.

And I feel the same way about you. 

If I know I can increase your email revenue by 10 - 30% and I am not making that offer to you, I feel that I am letting you down. 

( Actually, I don’t know if that’s the case, so I really have to get to know your situation better, so I can come do some CIA work )

Since we don’t know each other, I prefer if we go on non-committal dates. So, I will do a 3-day trial for your business and we see if it is a match. If we are both happy, we can then discuss the possibility of a more serious relationship. How does that sound?

Apply below to work with me if you want to increase your email revenue by 10 - 30%. 

-Jalen Ong

p.s.: Apply below if you want to transform your Netflix-watching customers into raving fans and increase your email revenue by at least 10 - 30%. 

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